Isolation procedures for CS51

Isolation procedures for CS51 #

This document describes procedures and policies for students in CS51 (Spring 2022) that need to isolate and are thus not able to attend labs, in-person office hours, or code reviews.

First, we hope that you are doing okay. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the instructors or other course staff if there is anything we can do to support you beyond the information below.

Priorities #

Note that your health is more important than your course work. It is OK to focus on getting better. Health concerns are extenuating circumstances and are a suitable reason to be absent from a lab and, in some cases, for accommodations on psets and exams.

Notifying staff #

You can notify CS51 course staff heads that you are in isolation and unable to attend lab by filling in the form Any absence from labs while you are in isolation will be excused.

If you would like to tell your code review section leader that you will not attend their code review, you can reach out to them separately.

CS51 activities while in isolation #

If you are in isolation but feel sufficiently healthy to continue your studies, you can opt-in to attending labs and code review remotely by filling in the form

In particular:

  • At least one code review each week will be held remotely and students in isolation can attend.
  • Students in isolation (and only students in isolation) can:
    • attend labs remotely (a TF will monitor a Zoom room);
    • opt-in to be matched with other students in isolation to collaborate on labs.

Note that some of the CS51 office hours are remote and you can post questions on the Ed discussion forum.